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It was 4 AM and the people sharing the room with me he just reached home. At first they were shocked to see me up while I was trying to write down a dedication story but got distracted a few hours ago with the internet and things. They had planned to play an early morning match and they needed more players. I was there and available and had nothing better to do. So, I thought to myself. Wait I don’t usually think when I get asked questions. I just respond ‘Yes’ and then get into thinking whether the decision I made was any good. It wasn’t, to say the least. I hadn’t slept and I being an introvert and hangout out with a bunch of complete strangers minus 2 isn’t actually my strong suit. And yet there I was packing up my laptop do that I could sleep and hope that they realise I had fallen asleep and won’t wake me up at 5:30. I woke up just in time because of all the commotion in the house. But I pretended to be asleep hoping that I don’t get woken up. But, a second later I could hear my name being called loudly. I realised that there was no escaping now. I lazily went, they literally dragged me from my bed to the ground. The sun was just breaking ground and this was the view.

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