h o l l o w

Empty promises of a beautiful dream.

We talk about love, of love and for love. While some drown themselves with ‘Love is in the air’ while a few look into each others eyes and dream of a perceivable future with lots of happiness, of course. While a few are reminiscing the chance that they took and being glad that they did, while a few dwell on the lost chance. More often than not, for a much larger audience, the love, this beautiful feeling called love is just a word, or should it be said as means to an end. Some call it infatuation while some just misuse for the sake of it, with promises they know they won’t keep and with dreams they never dreamed of. How hollow should these people have to be to put their own selfish interest over others without a care for the others feeling. If only they knew how much damage they were doing with the empty promises of a beautiful dream.




| hollow love |

– framedParadox // ak, mmxi


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