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Anything can over a cup of coffee. It is more of a hypothetical situation where in people are put in a sort of  dilemma of a possibility, which could either be a good one or otherwise. And as mentioned, a hypothetical scenario, because in my 10 years of continuously drinking coffee, I have never seen anything happen. Well, there was this one time I was with a girl and the only thing that happened was she telling that she wanted to leave. Okay, there’s one more. This other time I didn’t lock my bike as the lock got jammed and it wasn’t working and it didn’t get stolen either. Well, that’s pretty much that happened and didn’t happen.

People ask me more often why I drink so much coffee and why do I settle at the coffee shop for such long hours, instead of doing something more important like hanging out with people and have a great time. I usually start by saying that I don’t have friends. In a matter of speaking, it is true in a way. The problem here is I do ask people out, but it so happens that they have other plans, well almost all the time. The other times they don’t have any plans, that is when I don’t go to coffee shop alone.




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Starbucks Coffee, Bangalore IN

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