About Me
About Me

Ajay Kontham

Who am I?

There were times when I’d add all the fancy – difficult English words because they were appealing, or perhaps the more complicated the more intelligent I might actually “sound”. But I would be lying if I did that.

| Hobby Photographer | – whose camera rests in the bag while the world experiences miraculous moments.

|  Occasional Blogger | – who boasts being a prolific writing laurette , but you aren’t watching a StandUpComedy. Also a bad joke, I know.

| Certified Engineer | – who is totally perplexed at the very thought of Engineering. Wait, what is it again?

| Caffeinated | – someone whom you will find sitting in the coffee shop sipping the umpteenth coffee alone.

About Me


About Me

Web Design

Worked on creating websites both on the front-end and back-end. 


June 2012


Started Working

Started working as a Java Developer.

Graduated From College

Somehow managed to get through college with no  great many dreams. I didn’t know I would be making a portfolio page, else I would have done something to fill this page up.

April 2012


Jan 1991




Do not call. Email Me.
Bangalore, IN
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